Changing Your Migratory Status in Panama
Panama Offshore Legal Services can help foreigners with their Change of Panama Migratory Status.

Article 14 of the Decree Law provides that the foreign non-residents will be able to change their Panama migratory category, except those whose Panama visa authorization does not permit it.

The foreigners that enter Panama under the category of tourist will be able, just as the Decree Law establishes, to request the change of migratory category, whether inside their time of stay as tourist or inside the category change extension.

Foreigners that have completed maximum time as Panama temporary residents will be able to request permission as Panama permanent residents when it is permitted by submitting the documentation that is required from them for the extension of their Panama temporary residency.

Note: The previous article will not apply to those that have permission of Panama temporary residency under the following categories: for humanitarian reasons, for education, and by special laws.
In the requests of Panama visas or permissions for labor reasons, the legal representative of the business contractor must specify the purpose of the business and the foreign applicant. If the legal representative is the applicant, another dignitary of the company should offer this.

The dependents of legal age, for any Panama visa or permission of different categories or subcategories, should be able to make changes themselves.

Every copy that is required to be presented for the different Panama visas or permissions should be properly authenticated as faithful copies of its original by a notary public or competent authority.

Letter of responsibility sent by a natural or legal person (sent in the letterhead of the business), should include:

1. That assumes the economic living or the payment of the salary, as be the case;

2. That assumes the expenses of return or repatriation to their country of origin or destiny, in case it is necessary;

3. It should be accompanied by receipt of public utilities, rental agreement, hotel reservation, or any another document that verifies the foreigner's residence during their stay in the national territory;

4. The signature should be authenticated by a notary public.

The photos that an applicant contributes will be recent, with the full face.

The General Director of the National Service of Immigration will establish for resolution the procedures and necessary protocols that those interested should carry out in order to claim the refund of the deposit of guarantee, according to the corresponding migratory procedure.

All the documents that are sent from abroad should comply with the following requirements:

1. Being properly Apostilled or authenticated by the embassy or consulate of Panama in the country that sent them and by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Panama;

2. If no consulate or Panamanian embassy exists in the country that emits it, such situation should be accredited and to proceed to authenticate it in the embassy or consulate of a friendly country;

3. Every document should be in the Spanish language or should be translated by an authorized public translator with reference to the resolution that authorizes them as a translator in the Republic of Panama;

4. If it refers to foreign currency, they should present the conversion that details its equivalent in dollars, emitted by a competent company.

For extension requests, temporary or permanent residents, they do not need to resubmit the requirements established in the numerals 2 and 4 of Article 28 of the Decree Law that have been presented in the first request.


In addition to the clauses of Article 31 of the Decree Law, Panama will be able to cancel the Panama visas and migratory permissions of foreigners for the following causes:

1. If the foreigner obtains multiple entrance/exit visas of non-resident, and remains in the national territory longer than they are authorized for their stay as non-resident, according to Article 49 of the Decree Law;

2. If the foreigner repeatedly does not update their information of the Registration of Immigration according to Article 87 of the Decree Law;

3. When a foreigner does not comply with the clauses in Article 50 of the Decree Law they are subject to a process of repeal or cancellation of the visa or permission that was in effect;

4. When a temporary or permanent foreign resident serves as responsible for another foreigner, and he does not comply with the terms of the letter of responsibility.


Foreigners that request some migratory category of temporary or permanent resident have the obligation to register in the Registration of Immigration of the National Service of Immigration.

The National Service of Immigration will adopt the use of sure technological platforms in order to guarantee the defense of the information of the foreigners that is confidential.

The General Director of the National Service of Immigration, will send the resolutions in which the content of the forms are approved that should be completed for the foreigner for registration and to bring up to date their information in the Registration of Immigration.
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