Permanent Residency for Foreign Professional
Professions limited to Panamanians do NOT apply fir this Visa.
- Cosmetology
- Odontology and Dental Assistant
- Engineering
- Architecture
- Agricultural Science
- Pharmacy and Chemistry
- Chiropractor
- Nutrition
- Medicine, Nursing, Medical Assistant, Laboratorists
- Psychology
- Accounting
- Journalism
- Public Relations
- Therapists
- Social Work
- Economists
- Veterinaries
- Radiology
- Law

Main requirements:
- Police records apostilled
- Diploma of a University apostilled
- Power of attorney

What to do if you are interested? Proceed obtaining the Police records and the apostille of it, as well as for the Diploma. Then your lawyer will proceed to elaborate the documentation needed to file for the Visa.

This Visa does not have limitation of countries, so foreigners of any country can apply.
The professions that do NOT apply are:
Panama +507 6655-8158 - Tatiana
Spain +34 607 84 23 09 - Marianna